Monday, February 28, 2011

February Challenge with the Calendar Girls


Kelly is our 'Hostess' this month within our Calendar Girls....and, she certainly challenged me!

Here's what she had to say at the beginning of the month:
"Since its’ the month of LoVe, and the color red is so prevalent, I’m going to think outside the box and get really creative! Here are your challenges for your card, it’s a three-fer!

Hear ye, hear ye! By royal proclamation …… I Welcome you all to Ms. February’s Ball!
Each of you beautiful belles – our lovely Calendar Girls - are cordially invited to the Calendar Girls Ball! It’s a month of love, admiration, and red hearts, my lovelies!
What will you wear to this ball? More like what will your CARD wear?! This month – fabulous Calendar Girls,- show us your STYLE! Your card should reflect a representation of what your dream dress would be and the moment each of you beauties walks into the ballroom, we’ll be dazzled by what you (your card!) has on!

Challenge 1 -- What’s your style?! Will your card be sleek, sexy and black? Will it be a pink and frilly with flowers? Lavendar and lace? Will it have Bows? Buttons all down the back? {etc!} You may use any stamped image you like - it should not be a dress stamp, lol – your card should speak for itself with it’s colors and style! Make sure your card has the representation!

Challenge 2 -- Show us your true colors at this ball! Add your favorite color somewhere to your card, even if it’s the smallest of a brad or a little flower – it might not match your “dress personality” but that’s the whole challenge! In the words of Tim Gunn, “Make it work!”

Challenge 3 -- Shape up for this ball!! Well, this will be one of your EASIEST shape ups evah! Tee hee! on the same card, you must use a SHAPE somewhere on your card! Make your regular card but add a Big-shotted, Cuttlebugged, hand cut out shape to your card. (Ms Feb. will find samples and post to the thread!) Add your image to a nestie, to a hand cut heart, to a circular pattern – etc! Shape up, show your true color and your style!!"

I will tell you, before you scroll down and see the card, that I didn't "completely" follow Sweet Kelly's directions. 

I used multiple stamps from Close To My Heart's "Be Yourself" set.  Three of the images are heat embossed with clear powder over versamark and the other is clear over cream pigment ink.  The sentiment is stamped with CTMH Vineyard Berry.  I hope that hand cutting out the sentiment works for Challenge 3.  My color (Challenge 2) would be the burgandy!  And, I really like simple cuts of dresses (Challenge 1) without much glitz and glitter.  In fact, my family calls me Marge (as in Simpson, because I like my pearls). 

{{I sure hope that the Calendar Girls forgive me for using dress stamps}}

Make sure you check out what the rest of the Calendar Girls created for this wonderful challenge....and, don't forget to leave some

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:: BlueInks :: said...

April, I love your card! The clear embossing turned out perfect. I think I just heard Abba, Dancing Queen.....LOL Great job!

Terry Ladwig said...

I really do like your card April! I also love that stamp set.....and the sentiment, so true!! Great color combo too :-)



Tammy said...

Great card and such a truthful sentiment.

Michelle said...

Great card! I love the stamps that you used, very fun! The sentiment is perfect. Very cute. (I love pearls too)

MiamiKel said...

GET OUT!!!! April, this is a vision! Look at you in your striking white gown, all dancing the night away already and the Ball just started! This is just darling! I was gifted this stamp set last year and have been afraid to use it - you have just inspired me! This is a darling choice of dress and you look AH-MAY-ZING!!! Love ya!! x0x0

Jeanette (Forest Ranger) said...

Oh my goodness... April, not only do I forgive you, but I love you!!! AND I LOVE YOUR CARD!!! This is such a fun card and WOW! The lesson it teaches is perfect! So true! We each need to be ourselves... and you have shown that so beautifully in your card.

The Calendar Girls are each one unique and that's one of the beauties of being creative friends!

I hope you dance!

Oh, and I can't wait to see how you're going to challenge us next month, Miss March! ;)

Becky said...

This is adorable! Love it!

~Paola~ said...

*W*O*W*!!! This is a gorgeeeeeeeous number April!
I absolutly love this unique and jazzyyyyyy...LOVE IT 100% and much more...
Very unique and clever indeed!! :o)

dweatter said...

Great card April. I have this set and now I have an idea how to use it. Thanks for the inspiration.

Lynn McAuley said...

What a wonderful design with these stylish silhouettes!! Great card, April!

Anonymous said...

What a fun challenge you had to work with, April, and it seems to me you did a STELLAR job with it! It's so neat how you stamped the images, so that "you" really stand out on this awesome card!!!

Taylor said...

I love this - it is SO fun!!!

Kathy and Lucky said...

What fun stamps, such a fun card! This just makes you smile and love how you have one with white to it is a stand out great idea. Love it, will have to remember this idea.

*Susan* said...

What a fun challenge and what a great card for it! I love this! The combo of clear and white embossing looks great! I love the whole "disco queen" feel of it! Totally retro! {hug}