Monday, June 16, 2014

Help! I am late for the DUEL

The 15th was yesterday and that makes me sad....I missed posting a card I have had finished and waiting for this special day!
Time just got away from me!  It must be the added work I have been doing....watching four year olds is exhausting!

Without further ado, here is my card:

The themes is/was gardening and we were asked to share our favorite gardening, here is mine:
Have SOMEONE ELSE do it!!

I don't have a green thumb, and while I have an eye for what looks great, I leave the actual implementation to my husband!

Check out the other blog entries the DUELERS posted (on time) and leave them some luv!
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Carol W said...

Great card the layout and coloring. Yikes 4 year olds???!!! You are a brave They move fast. Have a great rest of the week.

Barb said...

Sweet card April! Great Colors and I love the rounded corners.

kadie said...

Have someone else do it...I'm with you on that one!! Usually it's my Hubs, just like you said for yourself.
Great card, April!! So full of life and color. (I'm tardy too, but I know it's even more frustrating when you have it done and are kickin yourself--you don't need to though).

:: BlueInks :: said...

4 year olds as in plural??? You go girl!!!

I like how you created a different shape with the card and added the little faux stitching...cute!

~Paola~ said...

awesome card! Love the colored image and how you implemented the square d/p on the side....I also really like the rounded corner gives the card such a nice finishing touch!

Darlene said...

This card rocks!! Love that you used the full gemstone ribbon!! It looks great against that glittery DP with the little squares...and your take on how to color the image is wonderful. Love those colors.

ouch...4 yo's that's a demanding job!

Take care my friend!

Melina said...

Love the shape of your card! Great coloring :)

Shelly Schmidt said...

Your card is fab! I love the image you used- and your tip- spot on!!!