Sunday, February 9, 2014


Barb is the hostess this month; and, she put this verse and challenge out to us:

Colossians 3:23 --Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters.
The Living Bible version-- --Work hard and cheerfully at all you do, just as though you were working for the Lord and not merely for your masters

I think we all work hard at many things in life--so I want to challenge you to think of what you might work hard at, but cheerfully. You can take this a few ways:

~Perhaps--you can take a picture of what you would do as a career, if you could "be anything you want to be" when "you grow up". The sky is the limit--no restrictions at all. What is a job you would love to have?

~Or--look around and see what you love to do in life. It could be cooking, or crafting, or gardening, or reading, or whatever....... What do you do that always puts a smile on your face or gets you in a good mood?

~Maybe--you have a different thought of what this passages says to you. Please feel free to share.

Tell us how this verse rings true to you. 

No, I don't want to make snow.....nor do I love to shovel.  BUT, I does my darling husband.  And, we gladly do it for our neighbors as well.....

I think this verse calls us all to do things cheerfully.  We may not want to do these 'chores', but is it easier to do with a smile or as a grump??  Yep, with a smile.  And, that is why my family does it together.  We are fortunate to be able to do it, and God knows that it can be, many hands make light work of it.  And not only do we smile, but so do our neighbors!



Barb said...

April--I love the picture, even though I am with you that I sure wish winter was over............ It sure is pretty to look at, fro inside!

Thanks for posting for my month with the Carriers of Faith!

:: BlueInks :: said...

You are so right, April. I often think when I am doing something that is not my favorite, or physically hard, that there are a lot of people who could only wish to have the ability to do what I am doing at the moment. It makes me push through and get it done.

It only seems impossible until it's done. ~Nelson Mandela

MiamiKel said...

Wise and wonderful words, Sister April! Indeed with a cheerful heart we should lift our able hands to help those in need. I have no doubt your generous and kind hearts do just that. You always have something wonderful to share that you made for someone, crafted for someone, did for someone ..... what a beauty you are!

Now I'll just close my eyes real tight and pretend Im there in all that snow :)

Blessings to you, COF sistah!

Jeanette (Forest Ranger) said...

April, you and your husband are so generous to shovel snow for others around you. It's a big job and I'm sure they appreciate you!

Zella said...

How wonderful that you do such a service for your neighbors! I'm sure they appreciate it and it's just one way that you can show the love of Jesus to them. WONDERFUL!!