Sunday, December 15, 2013

A Christmas Story

This is a favorite time of year!

There are so many reasons to celebrate this season, but the greatest reason is the birth of Jesus.  A truly miraculous event that took place in the least likely place on Earth.  Is your faith great enough that you can blindly follow God's bidding?  We are truly blessed that Mary and Joseph could do just that!

When I received my monthly Dueling Kit from Jeanette, I fell in love with the Kraftin' Kimmie images.  They remind me so very much of my childhood and the many Christmas pageants I had a part in.  I just loved those special nights when our Church glowed and we acted out the Christmas Story.  Afterwards, it was followed by the arrival of Santa bringing candy canes and oranges.  I still have many of the handmade ornaments he passed around too!!  

I think our costumes looked much like those in the stamped images.  
As I entered my teen years, my role changed and we did liturgical dance to Go Tell It On The Mountain (among other songs).  We were in high demand those years and participated at many area churches worship services.  I still think back on the years when I went to the proverbial little white church in the middle of the country.  It was a sad day when our Church burned while I was in college.  Despite a new building, it never felt the same.  I think it had more with my traveling away for college and starting my adult life than anything else.  My DS took over the tradition of being a star in the Christmas play and now in his teen years figures prominently in the speaking roles.  

I will add the card deets later (when I can turn a light on and get them from my desk without waking DH), but know that you can check out the whole Duel by following the links in my sidebar.....the deets will be there to kit contents as well.

I bid you peace this holiday season!


RobinH said...

great cards. my church burned when I was in the 8th grade, the week before Christmas, so we had to go to another church to put on our Christmas pageant, it just wasn't the same

Judy McMullen said...

Hi April! Wow! What beautiful cards and such a celebration of our Christ's birth! Love the rustic details...So perfect a representation of the Holy Night. Love both those darling images and the way you colored them...perfection!!!
What wonderful Christmas memories you have. I would have loved to see your liturgical dance. How sad to have lost your little white church building but precious memories will never fade! Merry Christmas!

Barb said...

Sweet Cards April. I too think those images are so cute--and so innocent!

Thanks for being a Dueling Darling and have a Very Merry Christmas!

dweatter said...

April both of your cards are fantastic. It was a great kit to work with wasn't it?!!!! You did a wonderful job and I love the memories you have of Christmas.

Jeanette (Forest Ranger) said...

April, your cards are gorgeous! Both of them - each so unique. Love how you put so much of the kit to use!

And what a great post - interesting to hear of your performing days and now how your son is the one doing the performing.

I'm sorry your church burned. It must have been very sad to deal with that.

:: BlueInks :: said...

Both cards are just as perfect as can be! I too think the images are adorable. I love how you paired them each with the just right papers. Great job!

Carol W said...

Oh April, I love your Christmas memories and BOTH of your awesome cards. I'm guessing your are correct in the assumption that being an adult had much to do with the feelings you had returning to the new church. How much fun it must have been to be involved with the liturgical dance. I would have loved to be there to watch and enjoy.Have a very blessed Christmas season my friend...

Melina said...

I love these April! Great coloring. I need you to email me and let me know how you shaded the blue background on each of the images. That looks awesome!
Thanks for sharing your Christmas memories too :)

Darlene said...

April, both cards are simply marvelous! I especially like how you colored the sky in the first one, really pretty!

I had fun reading about your acting & singing roles with the church pageants and traveling shows. How nice that DS continues the tradition! Special memories for all of you.

I'm so blessed by the Dueling Darlings, and you are one of those blessings.

MiamiKel said...

Woot! Absolutely stunning! What a fabulous coloring job and a great card design!

I'll be in touch as per our NYC vacy - wouldn't that be a nice Cmas wish to meet up! WOOT WOOT!!