Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Because "He" Said I Couldn't....

"He" being my dear husband. I actually needed to to go Michael's (no, really I did!) to pick up some items for an upcoming shoebox swap!! Woot Woot! My first!

Back to my husband 'let' me go shopping, but on the condition that I make a card using items he bought....


Thank goodness he didn't pay full price! He bought some Jolee's bling - Multi-color Crown and a piece of double sided Recollections Natural Animal card stock.

Not sure if you know this about me, but I dislike stickers and I am not the zebra print kind of girl!

So, here it is:

I am counting this as part of my

He bought it after all.... I never would! This makes number 48!

Also, it follows the deconstructed sketch #89.

Thanks for stopping by!

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:: BlueInks :: said...

I like the colors that you paired together!

Boys should never be left alone in craft stores.....mine now speaks Cuttlebug!


Tammy said...

Brilliant way to get crafting goodies, three cheers for your husband! Great card and great colors!

kel Acopan said...

so funny!! great job using it though!!!