Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Another CGC

Blogger and Blog Press seem to e giving me fits today. See what happens when my mojo works at the same time! I had this posted at 4am and poof my picture disappeared...so, am trying again with hopes you can see it!

Yep, a challenge for the Calendar Girls!
Here's what Kelly (Miss February) had to say about her challenge this month:
"Hee hee! It’s February, a month that symbolizes
LOVE. When thinking of a theme for this month’s
Challenge, I knew I wanted us to get happy with
the furry ones! My challenge for you this month is: Show some
LOVE to our furry animals! I love them great and small,
Short and tall – furry and fluffy! I am also
sure at one point we have all had a special pet that we have loved,
or maybe still do have a pet (or a bunch!) So let’s show them
some love! I challenge you to show us fur, your fluff, your waggin’ tails! The possibilities are endless – from doggies to cats, mice to turtles – in one case, a spider! (lil dj!!) LOL! Let’s bring some creativity to making a card (etc) with any image showing us a pet (including if you don’t actually own one!)
** For an extra part of the challenge, since it is February, please try to include the color RED on your card somewhere (coloring of the image, your DSP, cardstock, embellies – just a touch (or a lot!) of red."

Okay, well, I think I did pretty well with the challenge part.  And, you know I love little bonus features, but I just didn't get the hint of red into my card....does all that orange count?

For those of you that don't know me, we have two goldfish.  NOT furry at all!
BUT, my SIL also lives in the house and she has a dang cat....lol...  While the cat leaves the fish alone, she does drink the water from the tank....EEEEEWWWWW
deets:  cs and dp from my stash, immie and sentiment from Deedee's Digis (Deedee can now be found here), bling from Can You Digi It?, and the cat is actually a label pin that I have had forever and finally found a place for it!  {It now has a new home, because I sent it to a fellow crafter that I thought would appreciate it!}
Check out the rest of the Calendar Girls - their links are on my side bar!  They love luv too!
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April said...

So, in fixing my blog today,
somehow I lost the post, but could still read the comments on my dashboard! Here are the earlier comments:
What a cute card--it just puts a smile on my face............... from one fish lover to another! Love the cat charm the best!

Oh my goodness, April! This card cracks me up! I love it!!! That cat is so fun! and the fish bowl. WOW!!! I'm nearly speechless!
Jeanette (Forest Ranger) A•Muse Consultant #1065

This is great April! I love your fish tank and the cat charm! :)


Hi April, What a fab FUN card - I really love it! Great design! What a funny cat drinking from the fishtank! Where I grew up on a farm, we had to always leave the lid closed on the toilet because one of our cats took a liking to drinking the water. He also loved to eat wool and once ate the cuff of my newly knitted mittens by my Mum - hadn't even had a chance to wear them! Some cats have very ODD habits! Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your lovely comments - I really appreciate them today after spending the morning at hospital :-) {{hugs}} Jocelyn
Jocelyn aka JoBear2

Super creative, April! The cat pin is just icing on the cake. Good thing it is the 'good' SIL's cat. I would hate to see what would happen if it wasn't! You really did this challenge well!!!
:: BlueInks ::

Oh-oh-oh!!!! What a fun, fun, FUN card!! Just loving that sneaky little kitty swiping at the fish! Totally cool how you made the water too. Love the orange color scheme and the sentiment, everything really rocks on this one!

What a great card - that cat is so fun! I love how you did this - it came out so cute. Your story is so fun too - thanks for sharing that as I really enjoy hearing little things from your life. Hugz!

~Paola~ said...

wowww APril...this is absolutly wonderful! Totally 'out of the box' creative thinking at its best...love it and the pin is totally tdf!♥

Carol W said...

Holy Hannah April....this is just stinkin' cute...love the cat charm and the fish bowl...perfectly executed and so much fun....

Terry Ladwig said...

Sorry about the blog post....but cool that you had access to the previous comments!

That is an awesome card! I love the cat jumping into the bowl!! How cute!!! I must say also, how perfect and it fits the cat that lives in your house ☺

Great job!!!!

MiamiKel said...

Well how cute this is and so creative - definitely use of the creative mind and out of the box fun! Glad you saved your comments, too!

Anonymous said...

This is fabulous, April! LOVE how you made the tank, and that sweet kitty pin is perfect -- your story come to life! Wishing all our cat did was drink the fishy water from our tank...but yeah, ewwwww! LOL

dweatter said...

Omgoodness!!! This card is just outstanding! Everything about it goes together so incredibly well. I love that fish bowl and the cat going into it. Your rocked this month's challenge!!!